The photographic challenge to complete this project is a race against time because of the high mortality rate of the Aces, most of whom are now in their 90s. To ensure that as many Aces as possible could be included in the project, other photographers were recruited to complete the portraits of these Aces, who are located throughout the country.


Alan Abramowitz
Andrew Achong 
Amber Barker 
Mark Bertelson 
Chandler Crowell 
Tom Dubanowich 
Ariel Fried
Marco Garcia
Marc Glassman
Gabe Hernandez
Dominik Huber
David Jaffe
Athena Lonsdale
Alex McKnight
August Miller
Eric Muetterties
Frank Olynyk
Peter Panayiotou
Anna Reed
Rich Saal 
Michael Shoenholtz
Mark Skalny
John Slemp
Jimmy Williams
Todd Yarrington